Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Culinary World Tour is Still in China

I really do have plans to move on in

my World Culinary Tour

(all while remaining in Bloomington, IN),

but it has been temporarily derailed.

You see,

the problem is this:

I have a friend who works full time

and it is rather difficult to schedule time for lunch with her.

And since we want to visit a local Afghan restaurant,

I want to wait until I can go with her.

Another consideration is that my friend is a vegetarian,

so any restaurant we choose must have vegetarian options.


I either have to wait until she is able to go with me

or I have to pick another port of cuisine.

In the meantime,

I have really been Jonesing for some

General Tso's Chicken.


there's just one little problem with that dish.

That's right,

the chicken.

What to do?

Well, I suppose I could order the

General Tso's Shrimp instead.

And what do you know?

I even managed to go to

the Sunny Palace Restaurant

without ordering the Boneless Spare Ribs.


this dish is only available on the dinner menu,

meaning I had to pay more for this dish.

The breading was just right:

not too skimpy and not too much.

The sauce was nicely seasoned,

though a bit tame.


the shrimp were just slightly overcooked.

And by slightly,

I mean by 30 seconds or so.

It really doesn't take much to take shrimp from great to eh.

The bottom line?

This was a nice departure from my usual,

but I think I will be sticking to my regular dish from now on.

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