Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back to Japan

Since I have been spinning my culinary wheels in Asia,

I decided to revisit some of my favorite local restaurants

while I wait for my passport to be approved

so I can move on in the world culinary food tour.

May I present Shrimp Tempura?

As you may recall,

the Foodie girls visited this fine Japanese restaurant

over two years ago.

Please feel free to click on the images to read

the sometimes amusing dish names and descriptions.

Domo Japanese Steak and Sushi House

is highly regarded here in B-town.

The sushi bar was barren this fine day.

Check out the wooden boats on the hanging shelf.

A laminated place mat teaches the uninitiated about

different sushi offerings.


I have found that I have no taste for nori,

so I don't care for many of these tidbits.

The salad with the spicy, piquant and yet oddly endearing

salad dressing arrives along with a bowl of Miso soup.

And then my entree makes its grand entrance.

Three large shrimp were presented,

stretched straight and lightly and perfectly fried

in a tempura batter.

Also included were tempura-battered slices of

sweet potato,

green beans,





and carrot.

As much as I like mushrooms,

I simply did not care for them in this application.

The first piece of broccoli was sublime,

but the second one was heavy and overbearing,

perhaps owing to being cool by the time I got to it.

The sweet potato and carrot were delicious

and the green beans were to die for.

The sticky rice was nice,

but I really could not discern much flavor

or even much use from the thin sauce.


the real stars of this dish were the shrimp.

The chef achieved the nearly impossible

and cooked them to perfection.

This is one time I would have happily

abandoned my veggies and just feasted on the shrimp.

Well done.

Thank you, Domo, for a very nice lunch.

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