Monday, January 4, 2010

Turkey Pot Pie

I had just enough turkey left over from our Christmas Day dinner to make Turkey Pot Pies.
A warm, comforting meal is just the perfect thing for a cold, snowy day.

I made more than a few tweaks* to a Barefoot Contessa recipe for Chicken Pot Pie to come up with this winning dish.

*What's that?
You want to know what changes I made to Ina Garten's recipe?
First off, it was a chicken pot pie with chicken and chicken stock,
but since I am famously allergic to chicken, that had to be changed to turkey.
Ina's recipe also called for 5 cups of stock, which made entirely too much filling for four normal sized portions.
She also directed that one add:
2 chicken bouillon cubes (yuck!)
12! tablespoons butter to the filling!
frozen small whole onions (which I hate with the passion of a thousand burning suns)
heavy cream rather than Half-and-Half
and twice as much pastry as is needed for the recipe.
I added celery to the recipe as I wanted a bit of crunch in the filling.
See, no recipe is really set in stone.
Rather they are all stepping stones.
As long as you understand the basics of cooking,
you can substitute and adapt to suit your needs and tastes.

The ingredients for this dish start off with:
unsalted butter
turkey stock
kosher salt
black pepper
cooked, diced turkey
frozen peas
fresh parsley leaves

While the stew simmers, the Foodie Daughter got to work on the pastry part of the recipe.
She gathered:
all-purpose flour
kosher salt
baking powder
vegetable shortening
unsalted butter
ice water
The Foodie Daughter decided that she didn't like working with the food processor.
Next time she will do it the old-fashioned way.
Kids these days are so resistant to technology, don't you think?

An egg wash was applied to the tops of the pot pies and they were baked for an hour in a 375 degree oven.
And just how did they rate?
The Foodie Daughter and her boyfriend each gave the pot pies 4-1/2 stars. My husband gave them 4 stars while I gave them 5 stars.

Turkey Pot Pie

Flakey crust covers a rich turkey and vegetable stew.

See Turkey Pot Pie on Key Ingredient.

Standing Prime Rib update:
Remember that rib roast for which I was overcharged?
I returned to the grocery store a couple of weeks later with my receipt and was able to get a refund from the nice service counter attendant.
Thank you, Marsh!
Of course, I ended up spending that $8.70 for more groceries,
so I guess it was the principle after all.

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