Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Days and Chicken Noodle Soup
I know that some of my southern readers yearn
for the fluffy goodness that is snow.
Luckily for you,
I looked outside the other evening
to find that snow was falling from the sky and landing on the ground.
Huh, imagine that.

At least it makes it look a bit brighter outside at night.

Falling snow!

We ended up with about 3/4" of the white stuff on the ground.
Strangely enough,
this seemed to be enough reason for several area schools to close for the day.

Why, in my day we had to walk to school in a blizzard against a headwind.
Up hill.
Both ways!
Every day.

Er, yeah.

Early morning shadows.

The garden in winter.
Now, I'm sure that many of you may have noticed that here in the Foodie household we have the Foodie Blogger (me), the Foodie Daughter, the Foodie Boyfriend, and the husband.
I have commented before that the dear husband has yet to earn his Foodie designation.
And with food choices like these,
it seems as if it will be a long time before the husband does indeed earn his stripes.

The Foodie Daughter is sick,
so I pulled a container of homemade Chicken Noodle Soup out of the freezer for dinner*.
The dear husband eschewed that selection
and instead opted to have chicken noodle soup from a can.
He claims he doesn't like to have veggies in his chicken noodle soup.
Apparently he also doesn't like to have chicken in his chicken noodle soup either,
considering how stingy the soup company is with the chicken.
Now tell me, which one would you rather have:
the canned chicken noodle soup on the left
or the homemade chicken noodle soup on the right?
what's a Foodie to do?
*And in case you are wondering,
I found a container of homemade beef vegetable soup in the freezer for myself.
Pesky chicken allergy.

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Anonymous said...

My mother used to get so upset with me growing up, I would only eat canned vegetable soup...never homemade!! But I would eat her chicken soup, and bean soup.