Saturday, August 15, 2009

Randomness Just Seems to Happen
You think your life is full of random moments? You're not alone. Come along and watch the fun.

There is a seasonal stream running through ours and our neighbor's yards. I know this because I happen to have a copy of an old geological survey of our county. The funny thing is that the deer use this depression as their trail into the neighborhood.

On a lark I planted some green beans in a pot on my deck. This is my first harvest. I'm so proud. I'd like to thank the academy, all the little people, my family and all the people I have ruthlessly stepped on over the years. Oops, wrong speech.
Moving right along...

I rather like this sunset. I should tell you that we had some violent storms by the next morning.

Minx likes shoes. Here he is investigating the Foodie Daughter's boyfriend's shoes.

These shoes are almost as big as Minx.

Recently my husband and I were traveling to Indianapolis for a picnic when I spotted this unusual sight. I urged my husband to drive faster so I could get a better picture of the truck.

Hm, a mattress and some other items apparently couldn't fit in this moving trailer. Remind me to never call this company.

I walked out in my garage the other day and got a surprise. Surprise! Get it? Surprise lilies? We had dug these up back in June before the construction crew came to put in the new deck, but have never gotten around to putting them back in the ground. I guess that didn't stop them from blooming though.

Admit it, you're surprised.

A red admiral butterfly landed on my storm door the other day, but I was unable to get a picture of it with its wings spread. But no matter; you can go here to see some nice pictures of this pretty butterfly.

We have had a very nice July here in Southern Indiana, with unseasonably cool weather and lots of rain. Unfortunately what we like, the tropical tomato plants hate.
They're not looking good.

Nope, not good at all. I ended up losing one tomato plant, but the Roma tomato plant might actually recover.

One of my parsley plants has really gone to town. Apparently, cool and wet weather makes Italian parsley very happy.

My rosemary plant has also recovered very nicely from its winter ordeal. I promise to try to remember to water it more often this next winter.

Isn't it a bit early for a harvest moon?
Well, I warned you this would be random.
Oh, and one last non-random thought...
Happy 26th Birthday to the Foodie Son!

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

Happy Birthday to Foodie Son.

And a wonderful post, Mar.
Loved the deer.
Those lilies are fantastic!
Ah. Beans.
The cat.
The shoes.
The sunset.
The truck.
The clouds.
The butterfly.
The maters.
Parsley and rosemary.

I love eclectic stuff like this.
Thank you.