Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Honorary Dinner
This evening we found out that my dear husband has been nominated to receive the 33rd degree for Scottish Rite Free Masonry. This is a degree that only a select few masons earn. Please forgive me if I sound a bit proud of my husband, but he has worked hard to earn this honor.
So of course I had to have a special dinner in his honor (heh, it's a joke, get it?).

I literally spent half the day worrying what I was going to make for dinner even before I learned that today was a very special day. And then I spent more time on the Internet, looking up recipes, given what I had in my freezer since I am trying to be fiscally responsible and all.
I eventually settled on a recipe for Turkey Cutlets with Lemon and Wine Sauce.
Here I have salt
half and half (instead of skim milk - ick!)
an egg,
Parmesan cheese
white pepper
turkey cutlets (without which all this would be impossible)
In the back are:
flour for dredging
white wine
Italian parsley

The directions call for the 2 tablespoons flour, Parmesan cheese, salt, nutmeg and white pepper to be mixed together.

Then, the egg and half and half were added in.

The four tablespoons flour went into another container so that the turkey cutlets could first be dredged in that then be put in the wet mixture.

My dear husband tried to help out by taking off with the lemon.
Okay, obviously I will need to adjust the amount of lemon in the recipe.
Let me think on this.

At the last minute I decided to substitute 2 tablespoons butter for 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil.

The turkey cutlets take just a few minutes on each side.
Once they were cooked, the turkey cutlets were removed from the heat and the oil and butter was drained from the pan. Then the white wine was added to the pan and in deference to my husband, I changed the recipe by grating some of the lemon rind into the pan rather than adding the juice.

The White wine and lemon zest was poured over the turkey cutlets before some Italian parsley was chopped and sprinkled over the top.

My daughter's favorite side dish of roasted green beans with bacon was served with the turkey cutlets. A simple romaine salad rounded out the meal.

Now tell me you wouldn't want a piece of this? My husband declared that this was just perfect.

Of course the daughter loved the bacon-y green beans.
And dear husband, we're proud of you.

After dinner my husband and I retired to the deck.
The husband began answering congratulatory phone calls while I began blaaahhhhging.

Isn't it pretty?

Oh yeah, life is good. What more can you ask for from life?

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

Congratulations to Mr. P.

Still doesn't change what I emailed to you though. ;)