Monday, July 13, 2009

Yes, You Can Make This at Home
Do you like sandwich spread but are somewhat leery of what may be lurking in that package sitting in the deli case of your local grocery store? Then you are in luck, as I can show you how to make your own sandwich spread, using only the good ingredients (credit Ina Garten, aka The Barefoot Contessa).

Here are our usual suspects:
One pound package beef bologna
red onion

For some unknown reason I decided to chop everything by hand, despite the fact that I had spent nearly an hour outside this morning working in the garden.

At this point I added mayonnaise and the mustard sauce and mixed to taste.
I decided that the mix was just a bit too salty for my taste, so I added perhaps just under a half teaspoon of sugar to the sandwich spread to counter the salt.
Remember, sugar counteracts salt in food. But be careful to not go overboard, as you really don't want a sweet sandwich spread.

If I had a red bell pepper, I would have put that in this just for the color, taste and texture.

It was still good.

And it was even better in a sandwich with a fresh pasta salad and good potato chips with homemade chip dip.

Just remember to use the good stuff.

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