Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mayhem with Minx
Minx gets into quite a lot of mischief around the house. Want some proof?

Minx knows he's not allowed up on the dining room table, but he thought that surely that didn't matter when his "mommy" was making a lot of noise cleaning the carpets.

Minx has decided to "help" us pack for our trip to Lexington. Somehow I don't think that sitting on top of the suitcase is really helping us, Minx.

Minx missed his "daddy" while we were gone in Lexington.

Minx certainly is a curious kitty. What are you doing in the laundry sink, Minx?

Minx likes fresh catnip from the garden.

Minx really likes fresh catnip.

The foodie daughter has a new flashlight with a laser pointer. Minx likes to play with the funny red light.

Silly Minx.

1 comment:

Hairball said...

Minx is adorable!

My cats are always having to be reminded that tables are off-limits to them.