Thursday, April 16, 2009

Minx at Play
I meant to post next about food. I really did. However, Minx had other plans. The little minx...

The Foodie daughter likes to play with her new little 'brother'.

Yep, they're having fun.

Minx! You don't belong on that shelf with my orchids!

I'm serious, mister...

Ah, ah, ah! No touching, little mister!

Relaxed much?

Soon after we moved to this house eleven years ago, we discovered the joys of double-hung windows, as our dear Midnight quickly learned how to push out the screens and escape (or fall) out the windows.

Minx can catch!

Minx wants to know what his sister was thinking, putting this collar with the bell on him.


Anonymous said...

What a smart baby!!! If you can't post about food cats are the next best thing!! I have one who fetches and carries...of course not when you want him to!

Hairball said...

Minx is just gorgeous!!