Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let Me Introduce You to the Newest Member of the Foodie Family

I was admittedly heartbroken when I learned that my dear Midnight was beyond our help. I cried so much that week that my vision was blurry for several days. After all, this cat had been my friend and companion for twelve and a half years. I had gotten used to his quirks and his personality and even though he could be quite vexing at times, he was my baby.

However, I suspected even then, in those darkest hours, that I would be unable to avoid the siren's call for long. As it turned out, I was right. Midnight had been gone from our midst for only a few weeks when I began to hear the plaintive cry of a young cat. Despite feeling as though I was betraying Midnight, I knew that I had to answer that call. I also had faith that when I met that cat, I would know it.

My daughter and I decided that we would go to the county's Humane Society to look at the kittens that they had available for adoption. It was at this point that my husband stepped in and suggested that we talk to a lady who works with him at the bank as she rescues some of the stray cats that live behind the bank. The nice lady had two cats that were ready for adoption and we were invited to go and meet the cats.

Now, imagine our surprise when both cats strongly declined to get to know either my daughter or myself. To put it simply, we are not used to cats turning their noses up at us. We are cat people. We love cats. What's not to love? However, another young minx of a cat came right up to us and did his best to win us over. This young cat, whom the cat lady had named Oscar, had had a bad front leg when he was rescued and had recently been declawed and neutered. The long haired cat was recovering from his injury and surgery nicely, and on this day he seemed to be a cat on a mission.

The other two cats continued to do everything within their power to get away from us and time and again my attention was drawn back to the easy-going black and white beauty. After an hour and a half, I had made my decision. Or rather, Oscar had made my decision for me. He had chosen us and had even hissed at his playmate as if to warn her that these were his humans.

Still feeling rather bemused, we put this resourceful cat into the cat carrier and took him home. The daughter was not exactly happy as she didn't 'love' this cat, but she deferred the final decision to me. It is here that I have to say that 'buyer's remorse' hit hard when we got home. After all, this cat wasn't our dear Midnight and I wasn't sure we had done the right thing. But then my daughter and I talked while the cat worked hard to capture my heart.

What can I say? The little minx won out and quickly proved that he belongs with us. And he also earned his new name - Minx.

Isn't he beautiful? I would say that Midnight would have loved Minx, but that would be an outright lie. Midnight hated other cats. I mean, Midnight absolutely went crazy when he saw other cats. Very odd.

One of the nice things about kittens is that they can find amusement in the simplest things.

My daughter was having some difficulty in making her bed this morning...

Oh, that's why. I never knew of a cat that didn't mind being completely covered by blankets.

Come out you little Minx.

Shh, he's sleeping now.

He wore himself out playing earlier.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Oh... Sniff sniff. That video was beautiful. I love it when our animals can entertain themselves.
So fun to watch.

Wonder Schwermin said...


Hairball said...

Minx is adorable!

One of my cats just loves to burrow underneath the covers. I always worry that she's not getting enough air under there but, she gets highly annoyed when I uncover her.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new addition...I am sure Midnight is looking down from kitty heaven thinking ...thats not so cute..but I suppose my Human did need some hairballs to make life complete!!

Anonymous said...
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