Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gardens and Kittens
Don't ask me why gardens and kittens go together in my mind. Just. Don't. Ask. There, feel better?
I went out into my garden in a very light rain (hey, we'll take any rain we can get!) to get these pictures from the garden.

I have to admit to a particular fondness for these tropical beauties. Yes, that's right. Impatiens are perennial tropical plants. They just act as annuals in our cold climes. So now you know.

The fothergilla gardenii are in full bloom now.

As are the dogwoods. Please note that the beautiful "flowers" that you admire on dogwood trees are not actually part of the flowers at all. The true flowers are the small 'buds' in the center of the bracts. The bracts are specialized leaves that frame the true flowers.

Healthy lichen cover one of my dogwood trees. If you see this on one of your trees, do not be alarmed. The lichen do not harm the plant and in fact, lichen can only flourish in an environment that is relatively free of pollution. So this is a good thing, all right?

Lichen is a composite, symbiotic organism, consisting of both algae and fungus. They rely on each other and in this form cannot live without the other.

And now back to the dogwood bracts. Not blooms. Got it? Good.

I like this photo. But that's just me.

The old fashioned bleeding heart is blooming.

As are some of the pinks (dianthus or annual carnations).

Some nice, tasteful garden art is never amiss.

Well, these columbine are being rather shy. Le sigh. And isn't it a tragedy that this beautiful flower must now always be linked with the stupidity of men?

And really LE SIGH. Unfortunately, this is very representative of my garden right now. Quite frankly, the garden is a mess, but given that I had to use my rescue inhaler after just walking around the garden to take these pictures, I think that you can understand.
I was happy to hear that the plans for our new deck have been drawn up and that we have a contractor ready to bid on this puppy. Can you see it? All of those weeds, including the horrible thorny tree that insists upon returning year after year next to the back door to the garage will soon be a distant memory.
I can see it. I can live it. I need it!

Now, on to the kitten.

We had company over this weekend, including our dear nine-year-old niece. Minx was a good little host and entertained the young girl. And I have to admit that I'm not sure who was entertaining whom. But, boy was the poor kitty worn out afterwards.

You know, I told myself that I wasn't going to put out a glass of water on my desk for Minx like Midnight had had. However, Minx had put his head into my water glass one too many times and I caved in. Minx is very happy.
Me? Well, I guess I am very happy too. And that is a good thing.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Lovely pictures.
I love the first blooms of spring.

I'll be posting some soon.

"lichen can only flourish in an environment that is relatively free of pollution"

Same is true of the Spanish moss we have.

Happy to see the kitty is making himself at home.

Mr. P said...

Pretty flowers.