Friday, August 8, 2008

Been Beading Again

A few days ago I let you in on one of the reasons that I had not been blogging much recently. Well, I've been doing it again.

Inspired by my earlier efforts at making kit jewelry, I took the next step: doing my own piece. For this first time I used the directions from one of the kits, but purchased a pendant and beads in a different color pattern. Baby steps here, folks.

I started with the pendant, because it would be easier to match the beads to that rather than the other way around. As I earlier reported, I found a faceted piece of labradorite, which is a type of feldspar. This particular stone is mostly green with a shock of blues when the light hits it just the right way. To coordinate, I picked three different seed beads: dark green iris, brown iris and black opaque. I also picked out a package of 6mm round black plastic beads. I purchased a package of 8 mm gold colored jump rings for the pendant (only one was needed). Also needed, but already on hand was beading cord, a beading needle, bead clamshell tips, and toggle clasps. Interestingly enough, it was more expensive (about $15, even on sale) to purchase the individual items, rather than the kits ($10 each or $5 each on sale when I got them).

I found it very useful to tape the end of the necklace to a yardstick and then to mark the stopping point with a post-it flag that was also taped down. This kept the project secure while I worked. As the 6mm beads were to be randomly spaced, I found it very useful to place scotch tape on the bottom of the yardstick, with an edge sticking out and up. The tape then held the beads for each string in the position I wanted them. The rest is detailed in the kit directions.

My "work space". Note the tape at the end of the yardstick that holds down the end of the project, the tape that holds the bead and the post-it flag that marks the end of the project.

I used the same directions from one of the kits. Click on the picture to see my notation. The devil is in the details.

And the results of several hours of beading. As you can see, I made a matching bracelet.

I'm pleased. And I even remembered the end bead this time.

Do you see how the light captures the colors?

This has been fun, but I think I'll take a break from beading for a little bit.

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