Sunday, August 5, 2012

Drought  in Southern Indiana - Continued

This stubborn drought just won't let let up.
We are begging for rain.

And every once in a while rain comes.
One tenth of an inch at a time.
Gee thanks.  You shouldn't have.  That's almost like an insult at this point.

Le sigh.  I guess at this point I guess we should just be happy we are getting any rain at all.
But since we are now classified as being in an exceptional drought region, we are feeling a bit desperate here.

On the way home the other day, I noticed that this barn lost the fight against gravity.

I stopped to see how Lake Monroe was doing.
Lake Monroe is our source of drinking water.
As this is Limestone Country, it is almost impossible to drill wells.
So reservoirs are the way to go for water needs around here.
Lake Monroe is down just over a foot.
  Normal pool level is 538 and the current level is 536.89.
We have been asked to voluntarily conserve water.  The problem for us is not the lack of water, but the ability of the water pumps to handle the demand.  As it is, they are running at full capacity and are in danger of burning out.

Wild flowers have taken root in the newly revealed land.

Aquatic plants are struggling to survive now that the waters have receded.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Is that the barn that had the poor fellow falling out?

Marilyn said...

No, the poor farmer is still "safely hanging: from his still intact barn. The barn from this post was just down the road.