Friday, April 26, 2013

Late April in Monroe County

It has been a wet April and the creeks have been flowing.
Such a welcome change from last year.

 Jordan River on IU campus is happily tumbling over the rocks.

 Even Farmer Brown* is decked out in Hoosier colors to celebrate our boys making it to 
the Sweet 16 again this year.

*Disclaimer: I don't know if that is his name, but he ought to have a name, shouldn't he?
So, Farmer Brown it is, as far as I am concerned.

 Near by, Moores Creek is making its way down to Lake Monroe.

 A wild phlox grows by the creek.

 Across the road, the redbuds are in bloom.

 It is peaceful out on the lake today.

 The water is up, but the road is still passable - for now.

I love spring.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

Pretty! My favorite is the vertical shot of the fence with the redbuds and the yellow flowers in the background.

I love spring!