Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dining a la Food Truck

This past Friday the Foodie Daughter and I finally made good on our agreement to go visit the newest food truck in Bloomington.  The Big Cheeze serves gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches with playful names, such as the Wimpy, the Vatican, and the Skinny Wich.

They also serve soup, fries, and mozzarella sticks.

It's a balmy 30 degrees or so and snow flurries are in the air, so what better time to visit a food truck?

The menu.

I ordered the Momma Smacker on whole wheat bread.
This sandwich had smoked Gouda cheese melted with the BBQ Train's* pulled BBQ pork, and caramelized onions.

I never would have thought of adding pulled BBQ pork to a grilled cheese sandwich, but it works.

*The BBQ Train is another local place that puts out some good barbecue.  It runs out of a local gas station and convenience store.  Sadly, it is only open seasonally, and then only on certain days of the week.

The Foodie Daughter had the King Curtis.  
This was cheddar cheese with crispy smoked bacon.

We decided to share an order of french fries.  
Very good.

We decided to eat in the car as it was a cold, blustery day.

All this for $13.  As the Foodie Daughter said, this was worth the trip to town.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Those sandwiches look really good.

How do you find where the trucks are?

Marilyn said...

They have messages on facebook and on Twitter so their fans can know when and where they will be. In a college town like ours, they tend to park near the bars late at night so the kids can order from them after hitting the bars.

The Foodie Daughter learned through facebook that they would be parked at a closed ice cream shop during the day and that is where we found them.