Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finally, Rain!

We are in the midst of a drought here in too sunny and too hot Southern Indiana.
It hadn't rained at our house since mid May.

But hallelujah, it rained yesterday!
And it's raining today!


For weeks the radar has been taunting us with storms and rain that have never reached us.

 But this time it did!

 Do you know how difficult it is to capture lightning in a photograph?

The timing has to be just right.
And then you have to adjust the exposure and the brightness afterwards.

Out of 144 photographs, I only got three good shots.

This was taken about midnight.  And it was raining!

Can you tell I'm doing my happy dance?


Rosie Hawthorne said...

So glad you got rain. We're under thunderstorm warning until 10 PM.

I wish!

Marilyn said...

I'd do a rain dance for you, but mine weren't very successful here.