Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lunch at Macri's

Years ago Macri's was located on the east side of town
in a shopping center.
It was a favorite with locals and college students.
Then a few years ago the Krogers next store wanted to expand
and the owners of the shopping center didn't renew the lease 
for Macri's.  Rather than attempting to find a new place for the 
restaurant, the owners of Macri's decided to call it a day.

There was much sorrow in B-town that day.

Then recently it was announced that a couple of people 
who had ties to the old Macri's were going to bring 
the restaurant back to town, but in a different location.

After much hard work and perserverance, they finally 
opened this spring in the old depot off the B-Line trail on 
7th Street and Morton.

Macri's is back in town.

The new owners were able to purchase many of the 
original recipes.

Even the booths are similar to the old Macri's.

And of course there are TVs every where.

One of my favorite dishes at the original Macri's was the gyros.

So naturally I had to have it to see if it was just as good.

It was.
The best in town, as far as I'm concerned.

The only difference was the switch in sides.
The original Macri's offered bagged potato chips as the side.
The new Macri's offers french fries, dill pickle spears, steamed broccoli, red potato salad, cottage cheese, onion rings, pepperoncini peppers, creamy coleslaw, or a side salad (some at a premium charge).

Next time I'll have to see if the spinach salad is still just as good.

Welcome back to town, Macri's!
We've missed you!


Rosie Hawthorne said...

After reading your post, I want to eat at Macri's.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

And the fries look to die for.