Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring is Here?

I went out to my mail box today and found that my crocuses
have started to bloom.

 First I had to clear some of last year's debris 
before I could get some pictures, though.

 This points out an important lesson that we learned
during our trip to Hobbit Gardens on Saturday:
you can't know what is going on in your gardens 
unless you are out walking in or tending to your gardens every day.

 I brushed the leaves off the purple crocuses.

An hour or so later, 
they opened their blooms.

I even saw my first robins of the year
while out on my walk around the neighborhood today.
Odd how much later I notice the robins here than in Ohio.
I would almost always see the robins return in late January
in Southeastern Ohio.
Happy March 1st!

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