Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Orchid Show

This past Saturday some members of our Master Gardener

group traveled up to Indianapolis to the Garfield Conservatory

to view the annual spring orchid show that was presented

This was a wonderful time for us to gain valuable

education hours and for us to connect as like-minded individuals.

As it was, four of us were able to go on this drizzly, cold day

and we had lively discussions on the way up and back,

centered on orchids, as well as other gardening issues.

We arrived just as the doors opened,

to find the judges still hard at work.

As I took so many pictures of our visit

- over one hundred and fifty -

I decided it would be best to split this subject into

four blog posts.

Thus, this post will only show the displays of the

various orchids.

The second post will cover Phalaenopsis orchids,

the third, Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums,

also known as slipper orchids and the fourth, other orchids.

The first of many displays.

We were already oohing and ahhing.
So many plants,

so much to love.

I am sure the orchids love the humid environment

in the conservatory.

Here, they are sitting next to a pool by a waterfall.

There was even a display of orchid photography,

drawings and paintings.

These were also judged and received ribbons.

And by the way, a helpful sign pointed out that there were

orchids for sale down the hall.

After seeing all of those lovelies,

of course I had to check out the vendors' selections.

I swear, it followed me home.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

This beauty is a Dtps. Fugheng's Sweet Paradise,

it has two flowering spikes and stands about two feet tall.

Dtps. is short for Doritaenopsis and it is a cross

between a Phalaenopsis and a Doritis.

It joins my other 13 orchids and my other currently

blooming Phal. or moth orchid.

This was a fun and informative trip.

Next up:

the Phals.